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We at OutsideBondage.com tickle and humiliate not only teen girls but also mature women. We tie our victims up in the English countryside, strip them off and throw them into the snow, or humiliate them naked in public... Our pictures and films are original and we only show quality stuff.

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girls captured and fondled by a group of men outdoor bondage

Fondled by a group of men (filmed in an industrial yard)

Vanessa walks into an industrial yard, she is looking for her friend. But what she finds instead is a group of horny workers who are quite surprised to see a woman in sexy skirt, tights and high heel shoes walking through their yard. Men decide they will have a bit of fan with Vanessa before they let her leave the yard. One of the men rips Vanessa's skirt off and runs off with it. Vanessa runs after him and tries to get her skirt back... and what a mistake she made! The rest of the men come to join the fun. They all capture Vanessa and strip her off completely. Then they tie her to a ladder and fondle her. Screaming Vanessa is in a shock when one of the men comes back with vibrators and hands them out to the group. Men get carried away and use the vibrators on Vanessa all at the same time. When the men notice that Vanessa's screaming brings too much attention they lift the ladder with Vanessa tied to it and carry it into the building where they put Vanessa on a massive vibrating machine. After some time on the vibrating machine men take Vanessa out again and play with her more before they finally release her...

Women staked out naked and spread eagled tickeled pissing and laughing till crying nude outdoor bondage

Vanessa Tickled by The Mask (filmed in the fields)

Screaming Vanessa is dragged by The Mask through the fields only to be humiliated in front of the camera. The Mask forces Vanessa to strip off completely and ties her spread-eagled to the ground for ants and insect to get her. Then Vanessa's pussy is being tickled with some feathers. She laughs and screams. The feathers around her fanny are making her want to piss herself. She begs for The Mask to stop tickling her. But Mask has no mercy and pulls out an electric toothbrush. Vanessa screams when she sees what's coming. Mask starts in-between her toes and is slowly working his way up through Vanessa's knees - and there it is, he finds a good ticklish spot right below her knees... he moves on to her ass... after a while gets to her bellybutton and her ribs - and there it is another ticklish spot. Vanessa is screaming her head off, but Mask goes on. He tickles her nipples and gets to her neck. Oh, yeah that's the best one so far. Tears fill Vanessa's eyes as she laughs so laud. Mask moves up to her screaming face - and that's a good one as well. She tries to move her head away from the buzzing toothbrush, but her hands and feet are tied securely and she can hardly move few inches. Mask sticks a feather up her asshole, Vanessa screams and she pisses herself finally, then she is tickled for a bit more while still lying spread-eagled in her piss....

biting feet ripped pantyhose Gina Lorenz shivering naked in cold wind

The Puppy Gets Gina (filmed in the countryside)

In the middle of cold February we get Gina to agree to do a shoot. All she has to do is to strip naked and play with a cute little puppy for a while we say and this is how the shoot starts. But we've got something else prepared for Gina. After a couple of minutes of playing naked with the puppy we ask gina to put on some pantyhose and we tie her up to a tree by a small lake. She can hardly move, if she struggled too much she would fall into the lake below. As soon as Gina is tied up the puppy starts biting her toes. Gina struggles and tries to move her feet away from the puppy's sharp little teeth, but the more she moves the more aggravated puppy gets a bites harder. After a few minutes the puppy gets bored and walks away. This gives Gina a bit of break from the pain, but now she gets very cold and starts shivering a lot. This attracts the puppy's attention again and she jumps on Gina's legs. Puppy rips Gina's tights, bites and scratches her all over. Gina is screaming, but nobody can hear her. The puppy climbs on Gina's fanny and jumps up trying to bite Gina's boob. After a while of unsuccess the puppy gets bored again and leaves Gina alone. We keep her tied to a tree and shiver from the cold for a bit longer before we release her.

Gina Lorenz naked in the snow

Gina Naked in the Snow (filmed on a main road in a small village)

Gina's day starts as a fun day in the snow. She is happily running around, jumping and playing in the snow. Soon she gets cold though and her feet start hurting from standing on the icy road. She's had enough snow now and wants to stop, get warmed up and go home. But we won't let her! Gina is ordered to lie flat on the snow then she is ordered to roll around in it. She is really freezing now, she can't stand it any more. She is ordered to walk into a deeper snow on the side of the road and lie down. She has no other choice but to do it. Her tits are buried in the snow, her legs and arms are shaking. We kick some snow on her. Later she is ordered to spread her legs and she gets the snow kicked right in-between, all over her fanny. We give her a little break and when she thinks it's all over, we throw her into the snow once again. Now Gina is ordered to get down on all 4 and piss right in the middle of the road. Then she's got to run down the road and back. She is freezing and getting very tired now as well, but she is forced to do more exercise. She's got to do sit-ups and pushups while we keep kicking snow all over her. Gina is screaming and crying. She is covered in snow completely. The snow is melting on her hot skin. She is shivering. Her ass, feet and hands are burning. Now she can't feel her toes at all. Once again she is forced into deep snow where she's got to lie down and more snow is being kicked all over her body...

shivering naked outside wet cold women in bondage shivering and goosbumps

Dot Staked-Out Shivering (filmed in English countryside)

It is a middle of January in England, outdoor tempriture is below zero and Dot is up for a challenge. She agreed to be tied down to the ground and staked out for an hour while freezing cold water from the nearby river is going to poured over her. Dot strips off. When she is completely naked we tie her down to the ground spread-eagled. She is cold but she seems to be happy getting close to the nature. She is still smiling at this time. Goosebumps cover her body straight away. After 5 minutes of Dot lying down and shivering we pop down to the river and get a bucket full of freezing water. When we pour the water over Dot, she screams, she can hardly catch her breath. The smile is wiped off of her face and the real suffering begins. Now she is wet she feels so much colder and it is so much harder for her to keep up. And there goes another bucket full of cold water being poured all over Dot's face, hair and body. She breathes hard and she is shivering so much. Her nipples are hard, there is a little pool of water in her belly button, her lips are turning purple. After 20 minutes she is shivering so much you couldn't take a still picture of her. Her toes and finger are almost turning purple now. Her hair is still wet and water is turning into ice. You can see on her face that she is not going to last much longer. After 30 minutes of suffering she can't hold on any more and she asks to be released.

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